We all love a bargain and I am absolutely no different (as a general rule, if it’s free, I 100% want it.) When it comes to your makeup bag there are certain items I wouldn’t recommend scrimping on – if nothing else always treat yourself to a posh foundation. But there are plenty of amazing high street brands that are almost identical to some of the guys at the top. And lets face it, we haven’t all got hundreds of pounds to spend on the latest product, that promises to do X, Y and Z (and no doubt fails!) In this post I’m going to let you in to a few of my favourites – some you’ll have heard of, some may be completely new to you, but I guarantee they’re all amazing!!

First up it’s Morphe brushes. This brand is only available online in the UK so it may not be one you’ve heard of, but it’s definitely one you need to know about. I managed to pick up this HUGE tray of colours for around £20. And for 35 colours, I reckon it’s almost considered rude if you don’t buy it…or at least that’s what I tell myself! As I do such a variety of different jobs I picked a palette that covered all possible colour options, but they have such a massive selection that I defy anyone to not find a palette they like! The colours are really pigmented and blend gorgeously together. I’ve not tried any of Morphe’s other products but if their eyeshadow is anything to go by, they’ll be amazing.

This little baby is a great basic primer to keep in your makeup bag as it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s quite a thick formula but a little goes a long way and it gives your skin a really nice silky texture without feeling greasy. Make sure you let it dry completely before you apply anything else otherwise you’ll notice it doesn’t quite smooth over those pores as well as you’d like! If you have particularly dry or oily skin, it’d be better to get one suited specifically to your needs but for an all in one it’s great – and only £6!

Speak to any makeup artist and they’ll tell you that the tools you use are sometimes more important as the products themselves. If you’re looking for a company that won’t break the bank but still offers high end products then look no further than German brand Zoeva. I use their rose gold eye set (pictured) in my brush set and always get comments from my clients on how soft they are. They are beautifully made and there’s no problem with bristle fall out. They really are worth far more than the £65 you’ll pay for the set. (OK, £65 in one go may sound like a lot but considering I’ve spent as much as £60 for one brush in the past, I reckon getting 12 for the same price is not too bad!)

Kiko Milano cosmetics are amazing and I’m so glad we now have a store in my hometown. If you want something of good quality, mid to low price, and bang on trend, then head here! I have an abundance of coloured liners, eyeshadows, and nail polishes and they all set me back about a fiver. Their purple, illuminating primer used to be a favourite of mine, and everyone else too it would seem – it’s been out of stock the last 3 times I’ve been in. Boooo!

And finally I reckon I should give a mention to Makeup Revolution’s iconic palettes. Most will set you back between £4-£8 which considering they’re often compared to the Urban Decay Naked palettes, is pretty damned good. I have the ‘iconic Elements’ palettes and have been really impressed with the colour payout you get. As the shades are matte (bar one) I often use them for eyebrow colours, and they’re amazing.

There are so many companies out there offering reasonably priced, incredible products but these are just a few of my favourites that I repeatedly get for my kit. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading – I’d love to know if you’ve discovered any others that you think I can’t live without…?

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